Parents critical of teachers should look at themselves

I’m buying a mirror to hold up to the next parent who speaks to me about “these entitled teachers, with their summers off not wanting to get back to work.”

Look in the mirror — it is you/we entitled parents who may be the problem. These professionals don’t work for you; they are not on your staff.

Our tax dollars trickle into their shameful salaries. They are about to become front line workers who are actually entitled to our love, respect and support.

A plan, well communicated and implemented with flexibility and a sense of teamwork, calls upon the very spirit of our community. Thank you, Dwayne Romero, for giving us the time to plan and organize.

And to all other stakeholders, look in the mirror and ask yourself what you would do if you were a teacher right now? What would you want to hear from your school board, superintendent, building heads and community members? Public school is the backbone of our country. With our small, spirited district, let’s break rules, make new ones and adapt to our current reality with peace, love and goodwill.

Marla Butler