Parent: Column divisive, ASD survey illegal |

Parent: Column divisive, ASD survey illegal

This letter responds to Meredith Caroll’s “It’s hard to Be Joyce Rankin” (commentary, May 12, The Aspen Times).

Dear Meredith, the legislature of this state enacted a law that prohibits these types of surveys from distribution in our schools without first obtaining parent consent. I trust you know this statute, but just in case, it’s CRS § 22-1-123.

Your article seems to suggest that such a statute should not be taken seriously, or that, in this case, because you approve of the content or goals of the survey, then the lack of compliance with the law is somehow acceptable. As a parent, irrespective of the contents of any survey, I have a problem with it being distributed to my child without my knowledge or consent. I expect the teachers, and certainly the leadership in the school district administration, to be informed about such laws.

Rankin’s point has nothing to do with whether the content of the survey is meritorious. Her point is that there is a law that prohibits this type of survey, and it’s a problem when school officials are either ignorant of or ignore those laws. I don’t doubt the teachers who distributed the survey had good faith intentions. That’s not the point. If the school wishes to administer this type of questioning, they may be able to do so, but only if they follow the laws we’re all required to follow.

The attack on parents who have spoken out for their parental rights (some of the most fundamental protected by the Constitution) suggesting they don’t care about equality in our schools is unproductive. I care a lot about equal opportunity. I was very upset to learn of this survey and none of my opposition had anything to do with a lack of care for the kids in the Aspen schools and their access to equal education. Moreover, I would add that pitting groups of parents against each other through the satire you chose for your piece perpetuates more division in our own community. It’s not an understatement to say that these divisions are killing our republic and further dividing our small and special community here. This isn’t “only a problem in Aspen.”

Jill Teehan Edinger


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