Paradise robbed

If anyone could name the most beloved gathering place in town, it is hands-down Paradise Corner. Not just for quality ice cream, coffee, muffins and world-famous cookies, but welcoming staff and community-minded owners. Music school students vie for this seven-night-per week prime venue, providing a delightful and rich experience for every attendant and passerby, throughout the summer. This nearly 40-year treasure to be robbed from our town, even with the Patterson brothers matching the landlords rent increase? Yes, we do need more high-end clothing — so lacking in Aspen. True, the Hechts are powerful, impeccably moral, and even famous. Why, Nikos has commanded front-page news for years.

To be sure, “Paradise Lost” will be an oft-heard sorry statement of pathetic priorities.

Were I to purchase Loro Piana’s $2,750 floral blazer, I wonder if they would allow me to eat a cookie in the store?

Sharon DeQuine