Paradise Bakery controls its destiny |

Paradise Bakery controls its destiny

For some reason, change scares the dickens out of people. But often, it turns out to be OK! Kemo Sabe was located just across the street from Paradise Bakery for 25 years. You can bet we were very nervous to make our move to South Galena.

Well, that move proved to be outstanding for us! We were forced to reinvent ourselves. Mark and Danny Patterson and Dyan Bronstein are true winners. They have led Paradise by coaching their terrific team and have played a very important role in keeping Aspen grounded. This will not be the end of Paradise Bakery, but a new beginning. They can reinvent themselves much like Kemo Sabe did and have and even better foundation in Aspen.

Wendy Kunkle

President, Kemo Sabe