Pandora’s proposal hits the right notes |

Pandora’s proposal hits the right notes

I had the honor of speaking with the Board of County Commissioners in their recent consideration of an expansion to make skiing possible in the Pandora’s territory at the top of Ajax. I’d like to underline a few points.

First, I am not a skier, so I have no personal expertise in terms of the great value of having more glades at more levels of difficulty, not requiring a top-to-bottom traverse. But I do have expertise in the need always to move forward. It is not a question of growth — it’s a question of adaptation. Times change, people change, the climate changes. We need to be thinking ahead, and Aspen Skiing Co.’s proposal is a sterling example of this kind of essential planning.

I wholeheartedly support it.

Alan Fletcher

CEO, Aspen Music Festival & School