Pan and Fork plan disservice to Basalt taxpayers |

Pan and Fork plan disservice to Basalt taxpayers

Tim Belinski and the Roaring Fork Community Development Corp. current proposal for 22 rowhomes and 12 condos on the RFCDC/Pan and Fork property in Basalt is extremely unfair to the town’s taxpayers. They have spent millions to stabilize this property. Approving this proposal to build residences on it would be a shame.

I see this proposal as gentrification since 33 low-income families were displaced in order for this land to become available.

How will the Basalt taxpayer benefit from the 1,333-square-foot visitor center and a coffee shop? They will create revenue, but not enough to support the vitality that Basalt’s town citizens deserve.

This proposal lacks the creativity it will take to vitalize the town.

The town buying the remaining space for a River Park is the only positive aspect that this inadequate draft proposal offers.

I thought RFCDC non-profit investors had some integrity. They are not supporting a plan that the taxpayers will benefit from. To them it is all about the money.

Patrice K. Becker