Palm Springs gets STRs right |

Palm Springs gets STRs right

On a recent trip to Palm Springs I was very impressed with how another very similar resort community is tackling their short-term rental management. As unique we may believe Aspen/Pitco is, we are not.

PS has developed a template to curb the runaway train that is running amok in our valley. Without being a lawyer, it stands to reason that PS has vetted and potentially litigated many of the issues causing stress in our community. I suggest before we spend more time trying to invent our own wheel and waste resources on “consultant” mercenaries, that our council and commissioners take a hard look at what success looks like.

The PS model has teeth in their enforcement which in turn curbs speculative investment as the penalties impose real-time risk to committing large amounts of capital which would be rendered useless should compliance fail. Example: Three compliance violations and the property faces a minimum two-year suspension. I think it is incumbent upon our electeds to tweak an established working model which respects property rights and community concerns. I am not an expert and understand there is a complex set of factors to be considered in determining a favorable compromised outcome; I am an advocate for good and practical sense. Common sense is a fallacy.

Policies like the PS model would easily apply to all regardless of those already in the market. Level playing fields. No BS. No shenanigans.

Jimmy Yeager


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