Owens can’t have it both ways

Last week, my wife and I were tested negatively at Suzanna Lee’s Aspen COVID Testing center. As a physician, I have had an opportunity to work with many medical facilities, and I must say that the staff at the Aspen testing center were among the most professional, courteous and qualified staff that I have had the pleasure to work with.

As Candace Owens noted, as a private business Lee can choose whom to do business with. Owens defends her desire to get tested because it will keep our community safe. Since the moment Owens steps out of the testing facility she will be vulnerable to contacting a person with COVID-19, and since she has not been vaccinated she could get the deadly disease and pass it on to the population she states she is trying to protect.

If she were a citizen who was not an enabler with 7 million dedicated followers and she wanted to risk her own life she has that right, but she is risking the lives of thousands of ordinary people by trying to convince them not to get vaccinated. As noted in The Aspen Times, she recently posted on Twitter that there is something purely evil involved right now in terms of these vaccines and if you don’t understand that, you never will. She also stated it will never enter her arm.

The irony of this controversy was beautifully described in a letter to the editor last week by a reader who succinctly stated that if these anti-vax people feel that the medical community and scientists in general are trying to convince the population that these vaccines are helpful, when in reality they are not to be trusted then they should not go to medical facilities to seek medical care.

Donald Norris


Letter to the Editor