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Overpopulation the root of the problem

Over the years we have heard constant reports about the imminent dangers of climate change and pollution. There have been countless suggestions of how to help ameliorate climate change, including alternate energy, eating less beef, sustainable farming, planting more trees, etc. However, there is virtually no talk about the one problem that is the underlying cause of climate change, or the solution which is simple, cost free, and requires no technology or innovation whatsoever.

The problem: The world is simply over populated. The resources required to house, transport, feed and otherwise provide for the billions of people now and in the near future on the earth is simply not sustainable. The simple solution, don’t have babies, or at least not nearly as many. And as a side solution, permit and encourage family planning, abortion, euthanasia and other legal methods of voluntary population reduction.

This is of course up to our youth. Rather than protest the perceived lake of effort and solutions and demand others solve the problem, the youth of the world simply must band together to promote a worldwide drastic reduction in the world’s population. It’s up to them to save the earth for themselves.

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village