OrthoAspen team is better fit for our community

OrthoAspen team is better fit for our community

Orthopedic procedures represent a surprisingly large percentage of all health care expenses in the U.S. and are a significant source of revenue for Aspen Valley Hospital.

Recently, The Steadman Clinic decided to establish a satellite office at Willits. That fact clearly resonated with the number crunchers at Aspen Valley Hospital, since it inevitably meant serious competition for orthopedic revenues.

Steadman’s expansion meant that AVH could no longer support the long-time economic model of OrthoAspen, while losing potential patients to a nearby Steadman competitor.

My experience with the spinal staff at Steadman in Vail was the opposite of my experience at OrthoAspen. My appointment was three hours later than scheduled. I was then evaluated by an assistant, resulting in more delays. The spinal specialist finally appeared with several medical interns in tow. Clearly, the spinal doctor was eminently qualified; however, I felt like I was in a medical factory versus a doctor’s office with personal care.

In my visits to OrthoAspen concerning my spine, knees or neck, my doctors were always on time and gave excellent advice and treatment on a much more personal level.

This development should be of serious concern to all Aspen/Snowmass residents and tourists needing orthopedic treatment. This development is not about you receiving better care, as Dave Ressler would have you believe (“a win-win opportunity”). This development sadly is all about the money.

Robert Morris