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Opposition to Proposition 115 supports women’s rights

The 33-year old daughter of a friend of mine died of cancer a month ago. She had been in treatment for most of the past six years, given medications so toxic that they, not the disease, nearly killed her. Two years ago her doctors told her she was cured. But after all she’d been through they doubted she could get pregnant or carry to term, if she did.

After 24 weeks into her surprise pregnancy the cancer returned, with a vengeance. Should she abort the fetus so that she could immediately restart treatment? Or should she continue her pregnancy knowing the possibility of serious fetal malformations was high, and that her own survival rate was reduced? The baby’s viability might not be known until close to birth. My friend’s daughter, in consultation with her family and physicians, chose a middle path. She delayed treatment for two months so that the baby, if healthy, might have a chance to live. She delivered her son early; Sam was all she and her husband hoped he would be. She spent little time with him, as she pursued medical regimens out of state.

Sam turned one shortly before his mother died. While this young woman chose to carry her baby, in Colorado she had every obstetrical and heart-wrenching option to consider. Had it been determined that the fetus was severely deformed or not viable after 24 weeks, my friend’s daughter would have ended her pregnancy and given herself better odds to live. Nobody wants anybody to face that choice.

The horrific decision is a mother’s to make. Big government ought not limit medical options for the women whose life or death depends on them. Vote no on Proposition 115, which would ban all abortions after 22 weeks.

Dyana Furmansky