Opposition to Ascendigo plan about appropriateness, not the nonprofit

This is in response to Dan Perl’s letter in support of the Ascendigo proposed location in Missouri Heights (“Let’s stand behind Ascendigo”). It saddens me that Mr. Perl has not read the many letters written by the Missouri Heights community in support of the Ascendigo mission and the mission of the many organizations that support those with disabilities. Many people who live in Missouri Heights work and volunteer at many of those wonderful organizations.

The issue is the appropriateness of such an organizations activities, intense use, including a daily population of 100+ people, in a rural and single family home neighborhood that does have some real infrastructure considerations. I realize that it is difficult to believe that this is a very different micro-climate than Aspen or Snowmass when it is only 20 miles away or that water considerations are very different than the valley floor.

Missouri Heights is like a beautiful rose with a lot of thorns and unless you educate yourself as to those subtleties, than you will not have an understanding as to the reason why the proposed location is a terrible choice and why so many people are opposed to this change in land use.

Karen Moculeski