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Operator instigator

We need to be kinder and represent Aspen with professionalism. Saturday night was Passover, a time when Jews celebrate freedom from slavery and do so with four glasses of wine with dinner. So I decided to take the bus to my synagogue but the driver drove right past me and didn’t stop. I called the RFTA information line to find out if it was the local that drove past and if he could wait for me at the next stop. I was already late and very frustrated. The operator said the bus didn’t stop and did not offer any assistance.

So I said, under my breath, “S—, now I have to drive.” This was a rhetorical statement to myself but the RFTA operator heard it and hung up the phone. So I got in my car and called back to try to find out if I could catch up to the bus or take a different one from Brush Creek. However, instead of letting me ask a question, the operator yelled at me and hung up. I just needed to know the schedule. I was driving so I couldn’t look it up on my phone. So I called back and again, before I could say anything, the operator said “I have your number” and hung up. So I tried again because I really needed to know the bus schedule and he picked up, threatened me and hung up again.

So I ask you, is this how our community bus company treats the public? I realize I should not have said what I said to myself in a voice that he could hear but that didn’t give the bus operator the right to torment me.

Finally he answered and I managed to blurt out a fast “what time is the next bus from Brush Creek?” and he answered but still hung up on me!

Renee Grossman