Opening Pandora’s means more pow for all

Once again I am writing this letter in support of the Pandora’s expansion.

As a ski town I believe our mountain requires a much needed upgrade. Pandora’s is what we need. We all know the history of Aspen Mountain and the last time it has had anything new. People complain about whatever you want to change. Its just the way it is.

Whether its new lifts, restaurants or new terrain — someone is not going to like it. I think we need to look at the bigger picture and how many people are actually for the expansion. There is a very small group that opposes the project because they don’t want to share their private powder stash.

They access the terrain via Skico lifts and then exit back into Skico trails and repeat till the powder is all gone. With the new terrain we will all be able to enjoy what a very few enjoy now.

In our world we all talk about equality. Now it’s time to share the pow. If you have ever experienced a powder day on Aspen Mountain, and the crazy lift lines, the mountain is skied out in a matter of two to three hours. Pandora’s will let us all enjoy those days even more.

We will all win if we get this passed. Please remember, we are a ski town …

David Stapleton