Open space crucial to vitality of thevalley |

Open space crucial to vitality of thevalley

Vote for Eagle County Open Space Ballot 1A. The Eagle County Open Space fund has been instrumental in protecting the rural parts of Eagle County in the Roaring Fork Valley. I am supporting this tax initiative because it will just extend and not increase our taxes for more open-space conservation. Imagine what the midvalley would be like without permanent protection of lands along Highway 82 and Hooks Spur Road that were secured with this fund. Do you use the Glassier Open Space or buy local food? The best way to provide permanent protection of open space, local agriculture, wildlife habitat and trail access is through buying land or conservation easements. The purchases of land and easements made by this fund provide the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies with more land to grow potatoes and provided the land to build the Glassier trails for bikers, hikers and equestrians. The only way this happens on a large scale is through taxpayer-funded open-space programs. Our quality of life is significantly ehanced by open-space funding, so please vote “yes” on Eagle County 1A and go to http://www.vote4open for more information.

Gary Tennenbaum