Open our minds to Pandora’s expansion

The Pandora expansion is good for all of us who want to see Aspen succeed. The arguments against the expansion are a cop-out. Local voters have failed to establish their vision of Aspen as a community and are taking out their frustration on the regional financial engine, the Aspen Skiing Co. The area in question is an infinitesimal portion of the wilderness and the company has proved themselves great stewards of their charge.

Hold the Skico accountable for its promises. They will accept any reasonable deal. The city, county, park service, locals, tourists, and environmentalists can all win. Aspen needs to grow up and find a direction.

I am amazed at the parochial nature of such a sophisticated community. I expect so much more from my adopted home. As a southern social liberal but fiscal conservative, I continue to look for the middle ground in Aspen.

Benton Smallpage