Open Aspen schools for everybody’s sake |

Open Aspen schools for everybody’s sake

In every imaginable way the Aspen public schools should be open.

The science around COVID-19 does not justify the damage that closed schools are doing to our residents, our employees, our community and the mental health and education of our kids!

The science clearly demonstrates there is less risk to the kids than, for instance, with the flu ( and infinitesimal risk to healthy teachers with no “comorbidities” (

We should be capable of bringing teachers back in person who have no “comorbidities” (pre-exisiting conditions) or finding others a way to teach, for example, with a “co-teacher/sub” in the class and a teacher on remote/zoom. Zoom and record all classes for those who can’t attend in-person.

Thank you to all the essential employees in this community who have borne greater risks than teachers would have (eg grocery store workers). Let’s make teachers essential too! They certainly are to us and our children.

Make your feelings known! Contact Aspen School board members or Superintendent David Baugh (copy Kay Erickson; Aspen Education Association, teachers). There is an Aspen School District board of education meeting Monday, Sept. 21

Scott Writer