Only need one building for city offices |

Only need one building for city offices

Looking at all the Aspen city office options upon the table, the one-roof option is a no-brainer. It’s the cheapest by millions. It consolidates offices under one roof for better staff efficiency and communication. It doesn’t sterilize downtown spaces. On the contrary it offers an unprecedented opportunity to inject vitality through the Armory building. I’m sorry, the park on top of the parking garage is simply not sacred ground — it’s bereft of either vitality or natural solitude.

City Council shouldn’t be afraid of letting this go to a vote if it has to. We just need to construct a more compelling vision here, folks. Aspen’s own miniature Pike Place Market or Faneuil Hall in the Armory building would be a sensation. People are grasping for localism and affordability in Aspen’s retail landscape. Against an unrelenting tide of wealth, we’ve been unafraid to help our locals afford housing, why not help nurture local business? Let’s hit two birds with one (simpler, cheaper) stone.

Chris Hassig