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On Heck and city handouts

Well, I see the imperial Carl Heck calls upon the Adelphi Oracle to ask for great governing princes to take over Aspen city government and the Aspen School District by the reckoning of his recently published epistle, (“Something to chew on,”letters, Aug. 17, aspentimes.com): “It would be nice if Aspen could use the extra tobacco tax collected for education, but Maurice Emmer and Emzy Veazy wouldn’t approve of it!” Oh, Emperor Heck! Haven’t you seen the heavens open to provide greater public attendance and participation at the Monday Aspen School Board meetings beginning in October 2019 when the Aspen City Council goes to Tuesday regular formal sessions?

Furthermore, Your Majesty Heck, the silly Aspen School Board can transfer their allocated sports funds to beef up its academic education programming. No need to beg for more Aspen City Hall handouts.

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, California