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On Aspen malls and police cars

This is a rehash of my November 2017 email to Aspen City Council, which copied my comments to the online survey regarding the conceptual design of the pedestrian malls.

The concrete circle at the Sister Cities Plaza represents the Earth. Changing it to a diamond is ridiculous, and while it’s not 100% pristine, it’s good enough because replacing it will cost a lot of carbon. Maximum change equals maximum carbon pollution spent and this is against our values. The flexible games court is overkill. The east end of Hyman mall is fine; consider how department stores plan their aisles; they keep them somewhat convoluted so that people don’t rush. The Ki Davis sculpture does not say “Do Not Enter.”

Yeah, from the western end of the Cooper mall you could make the view just a tiny, tiny bit better by moving the rest rooms, but it’s gonna cost a million dollars and for that price you could buy the police department 14 new Rivian battery electric SUVs to get them off of their fossil fuel addiction; these sweet rides come with 754 horse power and will hit 60 mph in three seconds.

Tom Mooney