Offending police, looters are all culpable

The governor of Minnesota correctly called out that the rioting over the tragic death of George Floyd could be ascribed to a “generation of pain.” Sadly, it can also be ascribed to perceived criminal opportunity.

That opportunity is using an incident of shameless police behavior to loot stores for a new TV or a bag of electronic goodies, and to start fires on public and private property for whatever perverted amusement . Such behavior is perpetrated by selfish, uncaring individuals, under cover of the legitimate public display of righteous anger.

And this criminal behavior serves to diminish the very legitimate public expression of outrage for what befell George Floyd.

It is thus disgraceful on two accounts: a crime of burglary and vandalism, while distracting from the needed focus on the precipitating offense against Mr. Floyd. The offending police officers, as well as the looters and vandals, all need to be prosecuted.

James DeFrancia