Offended by Vintage Trouble’s language |

Offended by Vintage Trouble’s language

I recently attended a free concert at Wagner Park as entertainment for the World Cup events in Aspen.

The band Vintage Trouble entertained a mixed crowd of children and adults. A woman next to me said they were the only band to ever play Jay Leno’s show four times. They sounded great, then things took a twist,

The singer dropped the F-bomb at least twice. I saw parents around me awkwardly squirming with their young children listening.

Soon, the singer explained the title of his next song: “Pelvic Push.” I started feeling more uncomfortable for the parents with their children and was relieved my own young daughters were not with me. Things progressively got more embarrassing and offensive as the singer started performing pelvic thrusts like he was at a showing of “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” seemingly forgetting it was not midnight in a closed theatre but rather he was in front of a crowd of families in Aspen. The pelvic gyrations soon evolved into positioning the microphone between his legs while pumping away at the crowd. Next, he moved into the middle of the crowd on a smaller stage and got an interactive back and forth, having the crowd sing along to this garbage — “1,2,3, push your pelvis with me! Now your turn!” — grabbing his crotch and pumping into the face level of the crowd, kids and all.

What an embarrassment for our town hosting this internationally respected World Cup event. I doubt Leno would have invited you back even once had you sang this song on his show. Why dump it on us?

To make things more of a joke, the singer followed up that song with a slow tune explaining how we need more romance in the world. Really, guy? Romance? Aren’t you the same guy who two minutes ago violated the innocence of our children? I literally laughed out loud at the hypocrisy.

To top it all off, he ended his show by trying to be all prophetic on how we all need to be the change we want to see in the world and speak up for what we think is wrong, etc. Sorry, dude, but you lost your license to give your homily when you visually and verbally assaulted our youth. Your trashy music is the change I want to see in the world. You can’t have it both ways.

After my previous letter to the editor (“Fishbone’s performance was offensive and vulgar,” Aug. 19, 2014, The Aspen Times), when Fishbone told a Thursday night Fanny Hill free summer concert of families that every girl needs to be f—ed, I wonder: Who is in charge of booking these bands? Like I stated in that last letter to the editor, I think that these performers need to have a contract clause stating that if they violate the innocence of our children with obscenities, they forfeit their pay for the show. How hard is that?

Does Aspen-Snowmass endorse this behavior? I think we need to have a standard for performers who wish to have the privilege to play Aspen-Snowmass.

Dennis Burns

Snowmass Village

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