“Notions and Potions”

Do you remember the story

Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Where Robert Lewis Stevenson writes

We have an evil self, inside

Now there’s a modern version

And we see it every single day

When the President takes the briefing stage

And pushes science from his way

Yes, now there’s Mr. Trump

And the dangerous Dr. D. Nyde

Who says to kill the COVID virus

Injecting Clorox should be tried

Oh, truth is stranger than fiction

And gets more frightening every day

When the President makes up science

And people believe the things he’ll say

But a potion made of Clorox

Or ultraviolet pushed inside

Are but a fool’s dangerous theories

And never should be tried

The best way to kill the virus

Is not to kill yourself

So please leave the disinfectants

Stored high on a hidden shelf

And know the threat will go away

This fall without injection

When the dangerous Dr. D. Nyde

Is removed in the election

Greg Lewis

Woody Creek