Nothing bipartisan about Planned Parenthood float

In response to Anne Baker (“No place for politics in Aspen Fourth parade,” letters, July 6, The Aspen Times) and Molly Mix (“Shame on you, Planned Parenthood,” letters, July 3, The Aspen Times): What could be a greater celebration of American patriotism than people on all sides of the political spectrum coming together in bipartisan support of an organization they care about? How better to celebrate our democratic institutions than to use our right to free speech to support and engage with friends and neighbors who may disagree with us?

Though Planned Parenthood is a controversial group, it is a nonpartisan health care provider, in contrast to explicitly partisan political parties such as the Democratic and Republican parties. There is no reason to criticize Planned Parenthood for a bipartisan display in the Fourth of July parade while ignoring the real partisan floats. It is clear to me that the complaints about Planned Parenthood’s presence are merely thinly veiled criticisms of the group’s policies, rather than its display at the parade. Perhaps we as Americans should spend less time criticizing public displays of politics and more time supporting what we claim to care about: actual attempts to foster bipartisan cooperation.

Natalie Mase

Closter, New Jersey

Letter to the Editor