Not the same values

It doesn’t surprise me that members of Our Valley Our Voice want to proceed with annexation of the Eagle County lands without consulting anyone in Eagle County itself. That’s because, contrary to the propaganda spewing from these folks, we don’t share the same values as Basalt/Pitkin County’s voters.

For example, we Eagle County residents have no desire to excersize eminent domain rules upon some residents in the name of flood safety, and then turn around and propose to build more housing on that same site, while spending a ton of taxpayer money. That would be hypocritical. We have no desire to try to expel the children of that unfortunate group from the school system halfway through the year, as Basalt tried to do.

Most importantly, we really have no desire to become enmired in the tax system of Basalt/Pitkin County, who seem to love random spending more than telling the neighbors what to do. Annexation? No way. We really don’t have the same values, at all.

Phil Jolles