Not the Isis or the Aspen I once loved |

Not the Isis or the Aspen I once loved

As an avid moviegoer, I as well hope the Isis can be kept, but kept an Aspen thing.

I haven’t set foot in the theater in years because I resisted this advance-reservation system they had. How many times did I go in there and rows of the best seats were reserved by rich people who never showed up, while the rest of us were stuck whereever?

Also, what if you saw a friend in another part of the theater you wanted to sit next to, but your reserved seat was elsewhere? And what if you were stuck next to a pervert or someone who is drunk?

They ran the theater like it was a 20-theater multiplex in a sprawling mall in a sprawling city. One more loss to the old-timers along with the loss of affordable restaurants, our local newspaper, our familiar doctors to a hedge-fund corporation (ie Steadman in Vail), KAJX, etc.

Back to theater-going, if you switched to Movieland in El Jebel, the sound was turned down so low you needed a 14-year-old translator. The gadgets were they handed out to the “hard of hearing” were great — when they worked. Problem was, they seldom worked!

I used to think Aspen would be a great place to reincarnate.

Pat Milligan

Aspen Village