Not ready to forgive Lance Armstrong

Did everyone forget? I just read the article “Big names bring big bucks to pickleball tourney.” I am getting really tired reading about Lance Armstrong, the darling son of the city of Aspen.

It mentioned Lance Armstrong participating in the charity along with other famous locals and honorees. It also mentioned “Lance (Armstrong) and Alex (Ferreira) are always supportive of our schools.”

Anna Meyer, what are you talking about? Alex Ferreira is a true American hero and a role model and inspiration to adults and children across America.

Not only did Armstrong cheat at his sport, he then sued everyone who tried to call him out on it and made a bunch of money and ruined a bunch of people’s careers doing it.

I truly believe in forgiveness and redemption, but only for those who have asked for it and proven themselves. From Lance Armstrong, crickets.

Hey Lance, find some woodwork and blend in! Hey Aspen, gain some morals!

David Foster