Not drinking the Aspen airport Kool-Aid

I am a boomer and I also live in the flight path of the Aspen airport. But, Barry, you are sorely mistaken about my motivation in opposing expansion there (“Beware Aspen’s boomer brigade,” letters, Sept. 14,

The person who loves up to 16 flights in and 16 flights out per hour, every hour the airport is open every day over her home doesn’t exist. But the issue is, and always has been, much bigger. I believe we are being asked to support investing in more private jet parking. And a nod at terminal cosmetics that will only be seen by baggage workers and commercial flyers.

Wake up, Barry. I don’t know what kind of future you envision for yourself and your family, but rethink it. Those folks don’t give a damn about you. Nor do they give one about the planet.

Which brings up my second point. This steep slope of constantly climbing conspicuous consumption has to end. An economy based on that is doomed. It is asking for us to end it. It is especially deadly in a small mountain environment. I’m fine with increased commercial flights anytime to help our skiers get here. And the rumors of the death of CRJs may be, uh, greatly exaggerated. But with 75% of flights being private jets, I just gotta scratch my head about who this is all for and doubt our motivation.

Yeah. Anyone gets a bit cynical after being here long enough. I can only recommend that you do the same, Barry. Take it from a boomer.

Janet Mohrman


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