Not buying what Aspen Kitchen is serving |

Not buying what Aspen Kitchen is serving

What a disgust this Aspen Kitchen article is (“Food Matters: Aspen Kitchen Encore,” March 9, 2017, Aspen Times Weekly).

Pitiful, just pitiful. Of all the local hard-working restaurant owners in this town that can’t get a nice article focused on them, we get to read this trash. Shame on your editor and shame on The Aspen Times for providing what seems to be a full-page advertisement for an undeserving group of shady people.

Do they really have a new fun bar menu and a five-point plan to win locals? Is that the message from their corporate publicity department that you wanted to make sure the readers of Aspen had access to? How fantastic for them. Are they enjoying their half-price restaurant? Does anyone who has Google buy into this weak explanation for taking honestly earned cash from locals? A year and a half before this restaurant ever opened, we all heard that the David Burke Group was coming to town. The Wall Street Journal has an article explaining how the David Burke Group rebranded itself as Craveable Hospitality Group. So as just the managing group, you were not involved in this project years ahead of time?

I guess if the restaurant made a massive profit, Craveable would not have reaped any benefit. I guess it’s just the other guy who is responsible for the bills. You didn’t spend years planning your involvement and expect to benefit greatly from its success. The fact that your legal team is able to compartmentalize the ownership into god knows how many LLCs doesn’t convince me that you aren’t just as responsible. Did that lawyer get a nice bonus this year? He should have. He saved you hundreds of thousands. You can skip the bonus for your publicist because I’m not buying it.

Really lame, Aspen Times.

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