Not buying Aspen’s greenwash do-goodery |

Not buying Aspen’s greenwash do-goodery

The article “Aspen to clean and green investment portfolio” (March 11, The Aspen Aspen Times) has a subtitle stating investment of public funds won’t indirectly support the harmful effects some institutions may have on the environment.

Maybe council and other officials of Aspen can put their money where their mouths are and do something about the Highway 82 bottleneck back up! Aspen as an institution, and its lack of action on the entrance feces fest for 30 years, is a huge negative impact on the environment they claim to so dearly love and protect.

They blow their “green” horn and tout being a green city but do nothing while combustion construction crew cabs, downvalley worker bees and tourists in the latest SUVs idle and wait to enter and exit Aspen everyday!

Please take action or shut up about all your grandiose green initiatives! Most of the development going on is pushing more employees out of the city limits. This only adds more cars to the daily traffic backups and increases the “harmful effects the institution has on the environment.”

John Norman


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