‘No Truth No More’

To make things true you just gotta believe

Any theory anybody, anywhere might conceive

Though it ain’t worth a dime, if it kinda makes cents

Lots of folks’ll come to its defense

You know, like Margie Green; ya gotta love’r

Her mom and dad are sister and brother

Well, that’s not for sure, but why not?

A lie told well won’t never be forgot

Just keep sayin’ it over and over again

Louder and more and never give in

Margie’s mom and dad are sister and brother

That’s the truth; it is — ain’t no other

Patience and persistence is all it takes

Till nobody knows what’s truth and what’s fakes

‘Specially if ya don’t believe in no science

Then, who needs truth, or factual compliance

Or evidence or data or info or logic

Just deny anything that’s at all pedagogic

Make it up as you go along

Say it loud and often and say it strong

And what you get is the party of Lincoln

Craven and dumb, without no thinkin’

Greg Lewis

Woody Creek

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