No more RFTA taxes |

No more RFTA taxes

It’s been reported in the press that a campaign is about to be funded and launched to try to convince Roaring Fork Valley taxpayers to approve a new mill levy to support the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority. Proponents use the word “only” to describe the purportedly minimal impact of such an addition to a homeowner’s property tax bill.

Citizens already are taxed to support RFTA through a sales tax on virtually all your purchases. It’s a bit here and a bit there so you might have overlooked it, and it’s practically impossible to figure what it adds up to at the end of each and every year.

I can almost hear the thought process of those advocating a property tax mill levy: if you don’t support being taxed, it must mean you don’t care about the environment and don’t favor mass transit. Don’t fall for that. Most families make decisions about what they can afford given their financial resources. They certainly can’t raise a tax so they can spend more.

While a public agency such as RFTA might like to do a number of additional things, don’t forget that once a tax is created, it won’t ever go away. I’m sure I’m not alone in stating that in the past three years alone, my property tax went up 52 percent, including a 53 percent increase in School District tax, 33 percent more for Crown Mountain Park, and a doubling for the Basalt Regional Library (even before the new library bond). Say “No” to more taxes.

Bob Hubbell