No mask police and no leadership |

No mask police and no leadership

Elizabeth Millas is correct that we do not need vigilante mask police (“Aspen’s vigilante mask police: Just stop”, Aspen Times, July 5, 2020). Unstated between the lines is the critical point that everyone must take personal responsibility during this crisis. But absent from the commentary is what is got us here, the Trump administration’s head-in-the-sand approach, spinning the facts for perceived political gain instead of following science during this public health crisis. The inability of this administration to provide a scintilla of common sense policy, like mandating that everyone on a commercial flight wear a mask has only exacerbated the problem. So, yes, the entire country is now the Wild West.

Perhaps it is too obvious to waste ink for Elizabeth to single out Il Duce 2 as a primary reason for any mask controversy. He who ridiculed a reporter for wearing a mask as an attempt to be “politically correct” has purposely fanned the flames. And most recently having tried one on, our vain immodest divider in chief pronounced he looked very handsome in a black mask, “like the Lone Ranger.” Query, what would Tonto think of all this: he would certainly not refer to that racist as kemosabe.

Neil B. Siegel