No cars may improve Aspen experience |

No cars may improve Aspen experience

Referencing Barry Vaughan`s letter May 10, “Lessons from Zermatt,” I think Barry is on the right track in that we will never solve our traffic problems with half measures, and look at the money we have spent/wasted on entrance studies and such. While it would be a challenge, to put it mildly, to ban cars in Aspen, it would make for a very much improved resident and visitor experience. I visit Zermatt, Switzerland, twice each year and can tell you for certain that it is much nicer and easier getting around Zermatt than it is Aspen, not to mention safer. As Zermatt banned gas driven cars in the 1920s, the majority of folks there have never had to deal with what we would in Aspen, but it may be worth at least looking into. I should add that most of the people there are in much better shape due to all of the bike riding they do — to work, to church, to dinner and back.

David Kerr