New RFTA policy is an inconvenience |

New RFTA policy is an inconvenience

If the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority is truly interested in increasing ridership they should be doing everything possible to make catching a bus easier. According to the article in Friday’s Aspen Times (“New RFTA travel policy riles riders,” Feb. 2, 2018) RFTA seems to be more interested in running their buses to a schedule than actually transporting people. Dissuading passengers by asking them to wait for a different bus despite one being there, immediately available and going to their desired stop is no way to encourage bus travel. For years the ridiculous situation has existed where an empty bus at 7:15 a.m. with a destination of L Glenwood refuses to take passengers to stops from Aspen to The Intercept Lot, advising them to ride the L Snowmass bus (often with no seats available) so now to inconvenience even more people, intending passengers are being advised that they cannot ride the BRT bus between six specific downvalley stops within the 11 stop network because they are trying to keep to a schedule.

It sounds like James Cohen was trying to help the cause by parking his car at the Intercept Lot and riding the bus to Buttermilk, yet the new RFTA policy of limiting certain buses which he can ride is going to repel him and other passengers.

The good work to date by RFTA increasing ridership could easily be decimated by this ill-conceived policy change. The incentive of using the Intercept Lot park and ride is the provision of frequent buses.

The combined governments of the Roaring Fork Valley contribute an enormous amount of tax-payer money with the common goal of decreasing traffic yet the restriction of certain passengers between specific stops can only lead to a decrease in ridership resulting in more traffic and slowing the buses down making it even more difficult for RFTA to adhere their precious timetable. Maybe their timetable is unrealistic if it is so difficult to keep.

I would have thought having a lot of people wanting to use RFTA services was a good problem to have.

I’m sure it would be easier to keep to the timetable without any pesky passengers wanting to travel on any of the buses.

John Brimson


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