New open space board member should value ecosystem |

New open space board member should value ecosystem

The Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners will soon appoint a new member to the Open Space and Trails (OST) board. I urge them to select the candidate who best advocates for the millions of plants and animals with whom we share our open and wild spaces. These living things have a hard time making it to meetings, filling out online surveys, or voicing their opinions. Human uses and values are very important and seem well represented.

Functioning ecosystems and wild places are the bedrock of our valley and our community and are the reason many of us came here and remain to this day.

The past and present OST board and staff have done an exceptional job setting aside important land, providing recreational opportunities, and protecting habitat for plants and animals. Appointing a board member who understands the value of intact natural ecosystems will help ensure the success of OST for the foreseeable future.

Jim Kravitz