New Lift One plan brings vibrant upgrades |

New Lift One plan brings vibrant upgrades

Dear Aspen City Council members,

For several years now, I have watched the discussion surrounding the Lift 1A redevelopments as well as attending the most recent public meeting at the Limelight Hotel. During that presentation of the proposed Lift One Corridor Plan, the positive energy in the room reminded me of the feelings I had during my first time at the Limelight Hotel many years ago.

That time was in the spring of 1975. I came to Aspen from the Midwest because I believed Aspen was the world’s greatest ski town and the world’s greatest skiing experience. That experience included skiing each of the four incredible mountains, meeting world-class skiers, the professional equipment shops and knowledgeable owners, delightful restaurants, supporting business and its unique, soulful lodging. The Limelight’s soul back then was in part made up of the passion generated by the people that owned, managed and worked there as well as those visiting Aspen. We all had a common goal to be part of the greatest ski town in the world!

I believe that the Lift One Corridor Plan has generated that same spirt and soul from its stakeholders with a thoughtful plan that includes the historical museum, park land, telemix lift, restaurants and lodging. The attention to detail while adhering to the city’s requirements for affordable housing and other important considerations makes this a no brainer. Let’s bring life back to this important part of our town and mountain.

City Council members, please grant your approval to these plans so we can upgrade our town to be the vibrant, soulful mountain town that we all fell in love with many years ago!

Sincerely yours,

Tim Mills


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