New Aspen runway necessary only for big private jets |

New Aspen runway necessary only for big private jets

So the march continues to approve a new airport runway to make it easier for the owners of massive private jets to land in Aspen. The Pitkin County commissioners have the power to approve or deny the plan, but are being pressed hard by county and airport staff who have it in their heads that this actually needs to happen.

Then there’s the recommendation from a group of citizens who were no doubt earnest in their efforts to participate in the review process but corralled by airport consultants who were running the show and whose job it is to gain approval.

This doesn’t need to happen. All that’s really needed is a new terminal. But if it goes as planned, Aspenites will see privately owned 737s flying over town on approach to ASE. I urge the county commissioners to either deny the runway expansion or send it to the voters. You should too. They should either keep the status quo with the runway, or let the people who live in Aspen and Pitkin County vote and have a say in this important matter.

Allyn Harvey