New Aspen logo a waste of money |

New Aspen logo a waste of money

I cannot get over the City of Aspen’s frivolous waste of $51,000 for a new “brand and logo” that, to be kind, looks to me like the backside of a fat lady sitting on a barstool. Even if you happen to like the new design, it is an affront to the talented people of Aspen that we had to spend tax dollars for a “national branding firm” to create it, and then foisted it on the residents without seeking their approval.

Aspen must have more artists per capita than most towns. Why not make it a contest and invite the locals, who know what it means to live here, to come up with a relevant design? I’m sure that Aspen High School has talented art students, any of whom could have drawn a more meaningful and attractive logo than that misshapen faded leaf with bad veins (yes, I know, it’s supposed to be an aspen grove on an aspen leaf—thank you for explaining that—but it isn’t).

What a terrible waste of money and a missed opportunity to have a little fun while generating some local pride.

Bob Barnes