Need a ride to the polls?

Every election is important; every time we vote on something that affects us locally and nationally we are doing ourselves a service. We, as a community, have to do a better job of getting ourselves to the polls. Between 1,700 and 2,400 out of the roughly 6,000 eligible of us have voted in the past three local elections. That is not a recipe for good community decisions.

If we take the time to vote “yes” on 2A in this upcoming election, voter participation will become easier. This will move the crucial local election to March from May, the time when the fewest of us are here to vote. This will give us a critical mass of voters in Aspen and allow us to truly voice our opinion and not let a small percentage of people decide for us.

To help get folks to the polls, we have partnered with Nomi Limo and Pedi Pigs to help shuttle all of you around. Pedi Pigs will be riding around the core to pick up any and all who need a ride to and from the polls. We are also partnering with Nomi Limousine to get anyone outside of the core. We will have rides available from the Aspen Business Center to Mountain Valley. Are injured, physically unable to drive, under a time crunch or simply just need a ride to the polls? Seniors, we are coming to you! We will be at the center at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and of course on call. Please call 970-300-4911 if you think you might want a ride. We will be supported by Ambassadors of Love helping to wrangle you from your home or business so look for your local unicorns out there or hail the vehicles with American flags!

After the polls have closed please join us at Mi Chola for an election results watch party. Let’s support local business while supporting local voters. See you on Nov. 6!

Aidan Wynn