Neanderthal thinking trumps Biden’s approach |

Neanderthal thinking trumps Biden’s approach

In regards to Paul E. Anna’s article March 5 titled “Not Neanderthals.” I will point out that Neanderthals were highly advanced species who used tools and were proficient hunters. Their only sin was that they were on the wrong side of evolution or may have been caught in bad timing with a bout of global warming during their existence.

Many of us modern day humans are lucky enough to have Neanderthal genes. So Mr. Anna and our current president should be careful about throwing around “Neanderthal thinking.” You might find yourself in the middle of a ancient man cancel culture.

I will agree that the governors of Texas and Mississippi decision to “open up” may be risky, but you must consider that the stay-at-home orders do present a risk to society at large. Youth suicide, alcoholism and drug use have skyrocketed during the pandemic. Not to mention the excessive use of sweat pants during Zoom meetings (God, I wish I had bought stock in Fruit of the Loom).

What I would call moronic is President Joe Biden’s opening up the southern border during a pandemic. The crisis he has created could be catastrophic. As of last week, 108 immigrants, who tested positive for COVID-19, were released into the US. Not helpful to our current situation. Also, hundreds of unaccompanied immigrant children are being hosted in plastic tents with aluminum foil blankets until the U.S. has decided what to do with them and there is no social distancing.

This is tragic. The president’s rush to change his predecessor’s policies and the Mississippi and Texas governors’ “opening up” policy may put us all in a tough spot. Maybe it’s time to ask the Neanderthals what they think. They might be able to save us all.

James Perry