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Naval gazing

Tom Mooney’s letter perfectly summarizes something far more dangerous to mankind than environmental issues: elitists with an uncontrollable smugness mixed with an aura of self-righteousness (“My numbers are terrific,” letters, June 8, The Aspen Times). Think about this for a second: He actually sat down to write a self-congratulatory letter to the editor and claimed anyone he encountered that disagreed with him (the few times he likely ventured out of his safe space elitist echo chamber) was a “Trumpian” or “simpleton.” If we are to go down Tom’s line of reasoning:

— Only economists can talk about the economy.

— Only those who have licenses like a CFA, CPA or Series 7 can talk about finance.

— Only politicians can discuss politics.

— Only artists can discuss art. 

— Only energy professionals can discuss energy.

— Only professional athletes can discuss sporting events. 

Imagine being so pre-programmed that you only accept opinions from approved sources, you mentally shut down if anyone presents a conflicting perspective while resorting to child-like name calling and then have such a complete lack of self-awareness that your pen a letter talking about your awesomeness.

Chase McWhorter