National media bias on display |

National media bias on display

The Old West Leveson today is in every major urban area of our country. The Daltons and Jameses have been reincarnated as Crypts and Banditos. They live and die by rule of gun, not law.

The murder rates of south Chicago eclipse those of Tombstone or Dodge City, but the media is mute about these murders and no one is invited to riot. Only when they can exploit a murder to fit their agenda do they sensationalize national coverage.

Government stats, compliments of Google, confirm this bias. In latest available data, white murder victims outnumbered blacks three out to 2,491. Black murderers outnumber white killers 2,245 to 189 of those caught.

When a rogue white cop kills black suspect, deadly riots result in over 40 cities because our liberal media brags “systemic racism.”

The Fourth Estate has sunk to the fourth ring of Dante’s “Inferno” and the hottest of hells will be their reward.

Bruno Kirchenwitz