Myrin, Richards and Torre have my vote |

Myrin, Richards and Torre have my vote

For Aspen City Council, it’s an easy first choice.

I’ve known Rachel Richards since she moved here decades ago. She’s a whole level above others; I think a voter can trust her to both know and do the right thing, and she has demonstrated this in her previous public service. She has judgment and balance, and she’s not controlled by Gorsuch or any one segment. We get two council votes and I also like Bert Myrin. He’s smart and often an alternate voice that we need to sometimes offset the continued push for more development.

For mayor, Torre is my choice, and again has experience and a outlook and balance to consider all sides.

How about the other two? Well, those are the people currently on council who tried to take away most of the public parking on Hopkins and who have brought valet parking, for a $40 fee to ski Aspen Mountain, as well as a war on parking in other parts of town. Don’t give them another shot at the public like that.

Bill Greenwood