My words, not the newspaper’s |

My words, not the newspaper’s

Thanks to Aspen Times for printing my last letter (“Keep abortion debate civil,” June 14, This is your paper, not mine, and I know you are free to print whatever you like. And that’s great. I love that freedom.

But I am unhappy with your edit of my letter.

My letter called for plain speech — for telling the truth when addressing abortion. It called for everyone to say exactly what they meant, freely and respectfully — and to listen with an open mind.

Unfortunately, your edit did the opposite. It scrambled what I said.

I used the word “pro-abort” to describe abortion defenders. This is exactly what I meant. You changed it to “pro-choice.” This is emphatically not what I meant. “Pro-choice” has no substantive meaning. It is a weasel word designed to mask the truth, and frustrate real debate. I want that mask pulled off. I would never use it.

To be clear: The debate is not about “choice.” Nobody opposes choosing. I love choosing. We all love choosing. The point is, rather, abortion. You either favor this killing as currently allowed and practiced, or you don’t. That is the conflict I was addressing, not some phony one.

Editor, your paper is yours to command. You can use it to defend “choice” any way you like. You can splatter that word in big bold type, on the front page, every day of the week.

My letters can appear only once. I write them to express my ideas, not yours. Is that too much to ask? You needn’t espouse my opinions. You don’t even have to like them. Just print them honestly. In the name of simple honesty, please do not put your words in my mouth. Thank you.

Chris King