Mullins too vulnerable to be next mayor of Aspen |

Mullins too vulnerable to be next mayor of Aspen

The field of mayoral candidates in Aspen is typically lackluster. But one candidate has distinguished herself as even more unfit than the others.

Ann Mullins proudly announced in the Aspen Daily News on Jan. 9 that she opposed asking for the city manager’s resignation. She thought it was too hasty. That’s right. Nineteen years of the city manager’s unforced errors and refusals to accept responsibility for them isn’t enough time to decide he had to go?

It took council members Adam Frisch and Ward Hauenstein years too long to act on replacing the city manager. But at least they finally came around. With any judgment at all, Ann should have leaped at the gift the other three (including Bert) were handing her. But no. Ann was the proverbial deer in the headlights — couldn’t make the hard but necessary decision. Breathtaking incompetence. Even worse: She’s proud of it.

Remember that Ann is the current council member who was supposed to care take the city’s investment in the Red Brick while the former director allegedly embezzled $160,000 from right under her nose. If Ann is elected mayor, who knows what the next city manager will put over on her.

Maurice Emmer


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