Mullins the best fit for Aspen mayor |

Mullins the best fit for Aspen mayor

With the makeup of the City Council largely settled and the issues well fleshed out, let’s assess which of the two candidates for mayor is the best fit for the job. Management experience, an individual capable of making difficult executive level decisions, is a crucial component. Indispensable is wide vision, not myopic incrementalism.

A person who is prepared, who does their homework and comes to council with well thought-out positions, not one who leads from their gut, is key. A listener, not a talker, is essential. An individual who has the respect of other members of council and has in turn demonstrated respect for peers should lead council.

Aspen, while a small town, still has diverse interests and neighborhoods. Our new mayor needs have an established consistent record that respects the community values of all residents as opposed to one pock marked with wrong sided decisions.

Ann Mullins checks off every box. She deserves our broad support and elected as the next mayor.

Neil Siegel