Mullins is the right choice |

Mullins is the right choice


Mullins is the right choice

Dear Editor:

We are writing to give our enthusiastic support to Ann Mullins for Aspen City Council. We would like to bring attention to a diverse set of skills that Ann will bring to decisions about Aspen’s present and future. Life experience and volunteering with Challenge Aspen have made her sensitive to those in our community with special needs.

As a mother who has both raised two sons and been a children’s ski instructor, she has shown an ongoing commitment to nurturing and mentoring the future generation. Ann’s career as a landscape planner and her history of co-founding and expanding a successful firm in Denver have already been described in her bio. As a bookend to her career experience, since 2007 she has volunteered her time and knowledge to the Historic Preservation Commission (where she is currently chairperson).

On the commission her recommendations are based on preserving Aspen’s character while anticipating changing needs to keep it vital. She is a good listener, seeking input from diverse groups to inform her decisions.

Ann is a testament to a dedicated and well-balanced life. For all these reasons, we feel Ann Mullins is the right choice for City Council.

Nora Berko, Jessie Young and Donna Ward


Carolyn Kane


Linda Vieira Young