Mullins is dedicated to Aspen |

Mullins is dedicated to Aspen

We are voting for Ann Mullins for mayor of Aspen because we know Ann has the best experience and accomplishments and qualifications for the job. She is a good listener, hard worker, dedicated, honest, thoughtful and not just a headline grabber.

Ann has a vision for Aspen of a healthy, thriving community standing apart from other communities because of its uniqueness. She always has the best long-term interest of Aspen in mind.

Ann has been a part of the Aspen community since 1971 and has experienced Aspen through many lenses, beginning as a young person struggling to pay rent while working as a hotel maid and waitress. Then Ann left to finish school and she started a business in Denver which grew into a 50-person, award-winning firm. In Denver, Ann also raised a family and experienced Aspen as a young mother bringing her boys to Aspen to learn to ski. Ann returned to Aspen full time and started her own business again in addition to working her way up from a ticket seller to a ski instructor at Buttermilk.

We met Ann because we share the same passion for supporting progressive candidates and causes. Ann has often joined us in knocking on doors, phone banking and supported candidate events extensively throughout the years. Ann works for what she believes in.

Ann Mullins has a deep love for the city of Aspen and has the dedication and capacity to be a terrific mayor of Aspen. She will lead us into the great future Aspen has ahead.

Blanca and Cavanaugh O’Leary