Mullins has the right experience to lead Aspen |

Mullins has the right experience to lead Aspen

The recent story about the mayoral candidates in The Aspen Times demonstrated that there are very big differences between the two candidates (“Aspen mayoral candidates see same priorities for next term,” March 19). It’s clear that Ann Mullins has put much more thought into the issues and has strong ideas about advancing them for the benefit of our community.

Take child care. Ann rightly noted that families will leave Aspen and the valley if they don’t have the child-care services they need to work, live and raise their children here. She called for a study that’s in the works to be completed earlier so the City Council and community can make the right decisions about how best to improve things for Aspen parents and small children. Ann’s experience as a parent shines through in her answer. Torre’s solutions were costly and vague; it felt like he was shooting from the hip.

The same contrast came through on the answer about supporting local businesses. Ann differentiated herself by having a specific plan using a proven method (the lodge incentive program) to cut costs and hassle for local business owners.

I ask my neighbors to think carefully about their choice for mayor. Ann has shown that she is committed, thoughtful and community oriented. She has raised children and also understands the needs of families. Ann will make a superb mayor.

Michelle Stiller